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Bijou Camara (Guinea) 

Professional african dancer in Prague / Berlin / Frankfurt (Oder)

Guinee Toumboui - autentic african drum and dance show

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Bijou Camara is a professional African dancer, singer, choreographer and lecturer from Conakry, Guinea. She is interested in African dancing since childhood and it shows – the energy, spontaneity and grace of her dance is remarkable. Bijou danced for more than 10 years in the ballet Soleil d'Afrique. Before her arrival to Europe, Bijou Camara was teaching European and American dancers in Conakry; today, many contemporary dancers in Europe are taught by her. Bijou Camara could be seen singing and performing African dances in a number of projects in the Czech Republic and other European countries such as France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Austria and Slovakia.


For Bijou Camara, no dance performance is too small or too large. She always dances with full dedication to the performance and she is always able to impress the audience, whether the show is in a theatre, on a square or in a club. Her live performances are full of energy – wild and beautiful, but also colourful, thanks to the Guinean traditional costumes in which she performs.


Seeing Bijou Camara dancing live is an unforgettable experience. She performs either solo or with her band Guinee Toumboui, which is a drum-dance formations consisting of professional African artists. She also performs in many European countries and in an international project African Art Show Gibami.



"African dances were excellent, Bijou was great" – Student of African dance class
"Great energy and experience" - Student of African dance class
"PURE niceness " - Student of African dance class in Prague
"Bijou was like a hurricane" – Participants of the AfroDance workshop in Warsaw
"Bijou was absolutely magical" - Visitor of a concert in Prague
"I've never seen anything like this" - Visitor of a concert in Bratislava



African dance in Prague

African dance in Berlin